If you’ve got family coming over for the holidays and suspect you’ll need more usable space, Abstracta’s modular home furniture is a great solution! Whether you’re living in a tiny home or a massive mansion, it’s always good to have more open, usable space for guests. But, what about the overall aesthetic of your home? What about all of the careful interior design choices that you’ve made? Won’t adding new furniture class with your existing décor? Absolutely not! The minimalist designs of Abstracta’s furniture ensure a sophisticated, low-key look that is certain to integrate seamlessly with your home’s current furniture. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a few of the modular options that we have available.

Nesting tables

When they say good things come in small packages, this is what they’re talking about! A three-set table that “nests” into the form factor of a single table, these modular tables can create instant space when your guests arrive and collapse after they’ve left!

Mya tables

Available in three sizes and with interchangeable tabletops, the Mya table is a slim, tall table that can create additional space when space is exceedingly tight. The custom tabletops mean that – no matter your current décor – you can find a table that fits with your home’s aesthetic.

Modular shelving

Shelving is what we’re known for and, when it comes to modular home furniture, it’s the king of the castle. With the ability to create shelf space anywhere in your home, our shelves’ tube and connector system allows you to easily expand, reconfigure, and relocate your shelving as needed.

At Abstracta, our goal is to provide our customers with options. If you’re worried about usable space in your home, we encourage you to browse our catalog, take a look at what we have to offer, and start taking advantage of our modular home furniture!

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