Often, we hear back from satisfied customers that are eager to tell us about their experience with Abstracta. Whether they’ve purchased a display for art and trade shows, used Mya® tables in their home, used a custom display in a retail setting or anything in between, we’ve compiled a page dedicated to their kind words!

Abstracta customers range in industries and uses so no matter your plans, we have had someone use our systems, check some ideas for uses below:

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Elegance at your Business with Abstracta

“I ordered two of these shelves for my high-end furniture store, and I was surprised by how sturdy they are. These shelves are great for hand thrown pottery, glass vases, candles, and much more. I ordered the black poles. The customer service is great. I will be ordering more soon.”
~ 114 Stock Unit~

We have been using Abstracta shelves for over 8 years. We love the flexible nature of the product and that we can conform the shelves to our specific display. It is sturdy and malleable and can be used again and again. There is a lot of flexibility which is nice and each shelf is strong enough to hold plenty of weight! It provides our display with a clean look and does not take away from the products. The new pipes are a little difficult to take a part but over the years they have definitely gotten looser making dismantle and setup both a lot easier. It is a great product and we would highly recommend them to anyone and as a matter of fact, we regularly recommend them to our fellow tradeshow exhibitors! We keep coming back for more and more and it is great how compact they are and how easy they are are to ship.
-A. Sanoma

I started my business in 1983 and about a year in I bought my 1st set of abstracta tubes to create a wall display that I used at the Javits Center the 1st year it opened. I know I have pictures somewhere but it will take some digging. Over the years I have re-configurated my booth in a million different ways. My husband made fun of me because when we first moved into our house I made tables and shelving from abstracta before anyone thought to market it as a household product. During the 15+ years I owned a retail store I also used abstracta. I did traveling shows my entire career, shipped 1 booth to one convention center while the second booth was shipped to the next convention center, I can’t imagine a traveling booth without Abstracta. Best purchase I ever made and here are a few photos of some of the many ways I have used it and continue to use.
-Cecilia Minnehan

My husband Oliver is a travelling jeweler that does art shows all over the county. He loves his Abstracta aluminum display which fits perfectly into 2 suitcases. Without Abstracta he would not be able to fly from one art show to another. Abstracta is easy to set up and disassemble and makes for a stunning display. We would never go back to our old display.
-Christiane Hampel

Love the versatility of my display. I make crystalline pottery which shows very well on the display and yet makes my work very accessible to the customer.
-Catpaw Pottery

I have grown to love my Abstracta case. At first, I was daunted by the setup process, but each time I assemble it, I’m surprised by how quick it goes. I created a custom layout, and I often get compliments on it (from other Abstracta users and the general public). The Abstracta system is the polished display I’ve been looking for, and gives my brand a professional look. And on top of all of that, the parts fit in my suitcase for trade show travel!
-Luana Tiare

I am very pleased with my Abstracta Displays! They look very elegant, streamlined and very professional! They are easy to put together and take apart. I was afraid that once put together it would be difficult to to take apart, but not so! I am able to add to my original design and modify it easily and with little cost investment. My dealings with Consort have been very professional and very efficient. Mr. Gautier Debyser has always responded quickly to my requests and has been extremely helpful in designing display cases that perfectly meet my needs! I am grateful to them for helping me look so professional!
-Jacqueline Galusha

I bought an Abstracta system 2 years ago for using at art fairs and I love it!! It is great for traveling, and for quick set up and tear down. It ships easily and I can also travel with it in my suitcase. I was drawn to this display, and not only for the ease of traveling, but also for the modern and minimal look. I’ve used it for countless shows and it has stood up through everything. I plan on adding more to my existing display.
-Nikki Nation Jewelry

After trying for years to cobble together a decent looking booth, I bought a chrome Abstracta MOD3 display system.
Wow, all of a sudden, I was playing in the big league! My display looked polished and professional before the customer ever hit the booth space. I started getting into better art shows and I am guessing it’s because my booth shot improved 100%. No longer was I that artist with a ‘lovingly homemade by my dearest husband’ display. I was bonified!
The display has been in use for at least 8 years and up to 40 shows annually. It has been traipsed across the country in a Sprinter van in one piece. Now we tear it down partially by removing the long upright tubes and easily pull with a small SUV. If it was torn down completely, the Abstracta could fit on the floor of any car’s backseat!
It looks almost as good as it did the day that we bought it. Other artist’s suggested that we purchase the chrome unit as it wears very well and it really has!
The system that we have is quite versatile and can be arranged as we wish, depending on the kind of space that we have. My favorite layout for a 10 x 10 booth without a corner is to put the two longer units in an L shape across the front and the corner unit straight back and put something fantastic on it that begs the customer to walk into the booth. Since I have been doing this, I save corner booth fees and my sales have not suffered.
I cannot begin to tell how much I love my display! It gives me a professional finished look, it is lightweight yet sturdy and it paid for itself in no time!
-Kimberly Arden

I love my Abstracta display. I have been using Abstracta in my craft show booth for 30 years. I love how portable Abstracta is, and how I can refresh the booth design, getting a new look by re-using the pieces I already have in a new configuration, adding only a few new parts. Right now my showcases combines Abstracta with maple panels for an elegant look.
-Amy Lyons

I have owned the J Series Mya table for over 5 years. It is an excellent product that is well constructed. The powder coating is still like new and the walnut top is still in excellent condition. I would not hesitate to recommend this product and other products from Abstracta.
-Dave Dellostritto

Thank you Abstracta for making a brilliant product! My jewelry case and tower are still going strong! Not only do I love the design but my customers are buying more!
-Stefanie Buysse

I have used my Abstracta for decades and still love it! Versatile, compact, and good looking!
-Judith Barker

I’m an artist and travel in a mini-van to art shows that are both outdoor and indoors. Using Abstracta has made it possible for me to create modular units that nest, fit perfectly in my van, are light weight and quick to set up. I’m able to customize the pedestals to suit my booth space which often changes from show to show. I’ve been using Abstracta for almost 20 years and can’t imagine any other system that would suit my needs as well.
-Anne Monheit

I am very happy with Abstracta. I use it for trade shows and love that it breaks down and fits easily in my car.
-Christine Mackellar

I have had a really lovely experience working with Gautier, who has been so responsive and helpful. The product itself is simple and well designed. It is amazing how customizable it is as well.
-Lily Thorne

I love the Abstracta displays. These displays are very light and customizable. It is easy to add your signage and branding.
They are also easy to transport for trade shows and give a high end look to your booth.

Love your glass Abstracta cubes. We have now bought four of them and are planning on buying another 2. We use them as side tables around the house, but sometimes also we put them all together for display of our installation art.

We’ve been using our Abstracta modular display system for 11 months. Unlike the stores that set up their system once, ours gets set-up and taken down every other week since we use ours for art festivals in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.
The first couple of times it took a bit longer to set-up as we were finding a system of assembly that would be efficient. By the third time, we had a system in place for both the set-up and take down. We are able to assemble the Abstracta in about 20-25 minutes and take it down in about 15-20 minutes.
We love the professional look that we achieve at shows with the use of the Abstracta.
-Dusty Shutt

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