The simple classic design of Abstracta makes it suitable for nearly any location, situation and industries. The affordable price puts Abstracta within reach of individual artists and homeowners. The versatility and flexibility of our display system makes it the display of choice for many trade-show exhibitors, retailers and architects. Abstracta’s clean, contemporary lines lend themselves to unlimited design options. It is also available in an array of standard and custom colors and finishes.

Our new Abstracta Cubitz® connector option is easier to assemble and disassemble for temporary and mobile uses such as trade shows and art fairs.

Here are some of the more common industries and markets that we currently serve.



Whether you have a single store or a chain of retail outlets, Abstracta has proven to be a great choice for adding beauty and class without getting in the way of the products it displays. You can design your own retail display from our selection of stock units, or contact us for a customized design that gives a specialized “look” for your brand at each of your outlets. Visit our Gallery for ideas. We can design for your special applications.



Many museums depend on Abstracta to augment their display space, rearranging the different sizes of pedestals and stock units as needed to suit each new exhibit on their calendar. Or they may need a dramatic, permanent display from the units available in our catalog or that we custom design for the space. The open design of Abstracta can define an exhibition space with style and sophistication while allowing artwork and exhibit pieces to take center stage.



The Home Furniture Line features pre-assembled products shipped ready-to-use. For a totally unique and amazingly useful table check out our Mya® Personal Tables. They are perfect as single-beverage tables or as an accent to hold a sculpture, vase or remote or smart phone. Select our cubic nesting tables for entertaining, or a set of display units for your entertainment system. Add elegance to your home with Abstracta’s home furniture at an affordable price. Abstracta for the home – classic, modern, contemporary and retro all in one!



Most exhibitors desire easy set-up and take-down displays that simply and effectively showcase products and services. Using the new Cubitz® connectors does exactly that. The 1/2″ tubing modular displays can be arranged in a wide variety of ways for dramatic effect, including large-scale framework, overhead structures and entire wall enclosures. The system is light-weight yet “trade-show durable”. Set up your display in Chicago one week and Los Angeles the next. Shelving and graphics can be quickly added to any display with Abstracta’s accessory clips.



Artists have long appreciated the beauty in Abstracta’s simple design. They have come to depend on Abstracta to showcase their own artwork at art fairs and special exhibits. The 13mm (1/2-inch) is lightweight, and because it’s modular, it can be readily set up and broken down at the exhibit site. Now, with our new Cubitz® polymer connectors, art fair set-up and take-down is a breeze! Read more about Cubitz in “Connectors”. All standard tubing and accessories are compatible with Cubitz® Connectors. If you already have Abstracta,
Cubitz works with your parts.



It’s no surprise that architects and interior designers know Abstracta. Whether it’s the touch of unpretentious elegance of cube tables, complete space frames, or a simple shelving piece, Abstracta is ready. After all, Abstracta was designed by Danish architect Poul Cadovius in the 1960s and is now owned by an American architect. Today’s designers recognize the timeless style and utility of Abstracta’s products of pedestals, display units and personal tables to define a space, large or small, while maintaining a sense of openness and beautiful simplicity. The new Cubitz® connectors can also make it “playful”. Try them!

“I have been using Abstracta, many of the same pieces, for 30 years! In fact, I am so committed to this system, I need to order more for a new display. I have used when traveling to trade shows, retail shows and in my store.”
Elizabeth Prior

“I love the product! It makes my booth look very professional and is easy to transport and set up.” –MJ Whitt

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