If you’re feeling creative and desire to have an Abstracta system uniquely suited to your space, be it retail, residential,  trade show, art/craft fair booth or other, we encourage you to design your own display. Abstracta’s modular design gives you great flexibility even when using stock units. Designing your own system is also a more economical choice than requesting a custom design.

How to Design Your Own
When designing your own display, we suggest you consider the following:

Will you want to assemble or disassemble your unit(s) often (as at trade shows or art fairs) or keep the display more permanently assembled?
If more permanent, we recommend our Original Metal Connectors. But, if frequent assembly and disassembly is your goal, please look at our new Cubitz® Connectors.

Floor space
What is the width and depth of your available space?
Do you need access from more than one side?

Overall Height
What are the sight lines and shelf accessibility needs?
What overall height is needed or allowed?
Do you want to add graphics to your design?

Vertical Height
How much height is needed between shelves in order to accommodate your merchandise and achieve the best visual effect? Make sure to measure all merchandising tools (risers, pedestals, etc…) being used within each section. 

At what height do you want your first shelf to start?

Shelf Material
What is the most effective shelving solution – glass, acrylic, polycarbonate or wood?

How much weight will the shelf need to support?

Abstracta Color Finish
What finish will display your product best? Consider other colors / metals in the same area. (note: Cubitz® Connectors are only offerend in Matte Black but they go very well with all of our tube/accessory colors).

Do you want legs on the bottom of your unit?
There are advantages and disadvantages

Advantages to legs:

  • Allows for a bottom shelf
  • Protects horizontal tubes and storage panel from ground when used outside
  • Adds additional overall height without increasing length to an individual tube.

Disadvantages to legs:

  • Are not recommended to be removed.
  • Legs can sink into soft ground when used outside
  • Reduces ability to add weight to unit in higher wind locations when used outside

Other items to consider

  • We recommend using as few different lengths as possible especially if your intent to is to assemble / disassemble often
  • Tube lengths less than 10″ are difficult to disassemble due to length.  The short feet are not intended to be removed.
  • We recommend our Nylon Hammer for assembly of both Original Connectors and new Cubitz® Connectors. And, if disassembling any units, we recommend our Disconnect Tool and Extractor Rod.



Do you need help designing your Abstracta unit? We are more than happy to help you! 

Please fill out the following information and we will be in touch with you shortly

What is your industry? How large of a unit do you need? Project timeline? Anything else?
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