Artisan/Tradeshow Units with Abstracta Metal Connectors

Units with Abstractas original die cast metal alloy connectors

Artists have long appreciated the beauty in Abstracta’s simple design. They have come to depend on Abstracta to showcase their own artwork at art fairs and special exhibits. The steel construction of Abstracta’s tubes and metal connectors make it far sturdier than common snap together displays.

Assembly/Disassembly note: You will need a nylon mallet to secure the tubes, and the Abstracta Disconnect Tool and Extractor Rod for taking 13mm units apart, which feature metal connectors.

Artisan/Tradeshow Units with Cubitz® Polymer Connectors

For these types of applications that require frequent assembly and disassembly, we recommend our new Cubitz® connectors, which are included when you order the units on this page. These units are shipped unassembled and include instructions.

Connector color note: Please know that the units on the page below all include our Matte Black Cubitz® connectors. These black connectors work well with all the stock tubing and accessory colors of Matte Black, Chrome, Gloss White and Glossy Silver.

Assembly / Disassembly note: Even though the Cubitz connectors are easier to assemble and disassemble, we still recommend a nylon or rubber mallet to secure the tubes, and the Abstracta Disconnect Tool and Extractor Rod for taking 13mm units apart.

Abstracta’s 13mm (½-inch) tube diameter system provides a lightweight modular display with the versatility of design that makes it among the most popular choices for trade show applications and artists in sculpture, pottery, jewelry and so on. We now feature two versions of connectors for the standard tubes and accessories. See below for the version that will suit your needs best.

Retail Fixtures and Retail Displays

Abstracta stock retail fixtures and retail displays are an economical way for retailers large and small to add elegant and dynamic displays to their stores. The simple design for stock display cubes allows products to stand out, or you can design your own displays and counters through use of stock tubes, connectors and accessories. Abstracta can also custom design modular retail displays and modular retail fixtures for an additional fee.

Click on any of the retail display fixtures below to learn more about each units specifications.

Note: Abstracta units are custom packaged for you. Pleases allow enough time for us to prepare your order prior to any deadline you may have. Parts and units have a 7-10 business day lead time once order is placed.



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