Abstracta displays and space frame designs present a look of simplicity and airiness, yet possess enough strength to securely display a variety of products or artwork in large and small configurations.

The Abstracta System:

13mm (1/2″) System
Based on 13mm (1/2 inch) steel tubing, this modular system is lightweight, versatile and attractive. The two Connector options, metal or new Cubitz® polymer, allow permanent or changeable assembly (see “Connectors” under “Products” for more detailed information). Because Abstracta can be dismantled and transported, this system meets the dynamic needs of retail stores, trade shows and art galleries. The slim profile also works well for permanent installations including furniture and shelving for the home and office. The system includes a large number of stock tube lengths as well as accessories for attachments such as shelving and graphics.


Abstracta Modular Display System Components

The Abstracta modular display system is based upon tubes and connectors. You can purchase components separately, order a stock unit or have our complimentary design service customize a display specific to your individual needs (Note: a design fee may apply to unusual or overly complex configurations).


Matte Black
Matte powder-coated finish effective in concealing fingerprints.

The plated finish provides a mirrored surface.

Gloss Silver
Semi-metallic powder-coated finish, similar to the color “gunmetal”.

Powder-coated, gloss finish.

Custom Colors
Abstracta systems are also available in a range of custom powder coating colors and platings for an additional fee. Lead time and prices may vary for custom colors. We require a sample or RAL color designation to match the requested finish.


At the heart of the Abstracta system are the proprietary connectors that are inserted into adjoining tubes. With corners set at 90 degrees, our connectors can join two to six tubes securely and rigidly in place. Connectors are offered in two versions, both of which fit all the tubes and accessories. Both Connector versions require a Nylon Hammer for assembly.

The Original Metal Connectors

These are designed for more permanent connections where disassembly is infrequent, but possible using our Disconnect Tool and Extractor Rod. Perfect for retail displays, office shelving, furniture and so on.

The new Cubitz® Connector

These are a polymer composite and are designed for uses where more frequent assembly and disassembly is required. Even though Cubitz® is somewhat easier to assemble and disassemble we still recommend the Disconnect Tool and Extractor Rod.

“We’ve been using our Abstracta modular display system for 11 months. Unlike the stores that set up their system once, ours gets set-up and taken down every other week since we use ours for art festivals in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.

The first couple of times it took a bit longer to set-up as we were finding a system of assembly that would be efficient. By the third time, we had a system in place for both the set-up and take down. We are able to assemble the Abstracta in about 20-25 minutes and take it down in about 15-20 minutes. We love the professional look that we achieve at shows with the use of the Abstracta.”

Dusty Shutt

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