Abstracta’s 13mm (½-inch) tube diameter system provides a lightweight modular display with the versatility of design that makes it among the most popular choices for trade show unit applications and artists in sculpture, pottery, jewelry and so on.

You will need a nylon mallet to secure the tubes, and the Abstracta Disconnect Tool and Extractor Rod for taking 13mm units apart.

Note: Abstracta units are custom packaged for you. Pleases allow enough time for us to prepare your order prior to any deadline you may have. Parts and units have a 7-10 business day lead time once order is placed.

“I’m an artist and travel in a mini-van to art shows that are both outdoor and indoor. Using Abstracta has made it possible for me to create modular units that nest, fit perfectly in my van, are light weight and quick to set up. I’m able to customize the pedestals to suit my booth space which often changes from show to show. I’ve been using Abstracta for almost 20 years and can’t imagine any other system that would suit my needs as well.”  -Anne

“I love the Abstracta displays. These displays are very light and customizable. It is easy to add your signage and  branding. They are also easy to transport for trade shows and give a high end look to your booth.” -Ruchi


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