1644Abstracta is primarily a modular display and furniture system that allows the buyer to mix and match stock units as well as create unique designs for a multitude of uses. Abstracta is comprised of lightweight 13mm (1/2-inch) diameter steel tubing and two different versions of connectors. The original connector version is diecast zinc metal and the newest connector version is composite polymer. Both types of connectors fit all the tubing and accessories that we offer.

The original Abstracta® metal connectors are recommended for semi-permanent to permanent structures and configurations which are not often changed or reconfigured. The metal connectors are stocked in Matte Black, Gloss White, Gloss Silver and Chrome Plate. Custom colors at additional cost.

The new Cubitz® polymer connectors are recommended for displays/shelving units that are often disassembled and reassembled, such as for trade shows and art fairs. The Cubitz connectors are only available in Matte Black but look good with the stock Abstracta tube and accessory colors. See examples HERE. The Cubitz connectors can be spray-painted with plastic friendly paint, such as Krylon® Fusion, if you wish to match stock tube colors.

More to know: Our stock and custom designs are shipped unassembled with instructions. The Abstracta system is comprised of straight steel tubes, select special arched tubes, connectors and accessories. See our Gallery for ideas. We are happy to help you design a configuration that works best for you. Parts and units have a 7-10 business day lead time once order is placed.

“I bought an abstract system 2 years ago for using at art fairs and I love it!! It is great for traveling, and for quick set up and tear down. It ships easily and I can also travel with it in my suitcase. I was drawn to this display and not only for the ease of traveling but also for the modern and minimal look. I’ve used it for countless shows and it has stood up through everything. I plan on adding more to my existing display.” Nikki Naton


Abstracta stock units are an economical way for retailers large and small to add elegant and dynamic displays to their stories. The simple design for stock display cubes allows products to stand out.


Abstracta’s home furniture selection lets you add a touch of simple elegance with stock display units, cube and nestled tables, and our special selection of Mya® personal tables. Our personal tables are just right to fill a small space that inevitably turns up as you arrange furniture.


Abstracta’s 13mm (½-inch) tube diameter system provides a lightweight modular display offers the versatility of its design that makes it among the most popular choices for artists in sculpture, pottery, jewelry and other 3D works. Now, with our new Cubitz® polymer connectors, art fair set-up and take-down is a breeze!


What you don’t see in our assembled display and space frame system is what gives Abstracta its strength and assures its creativity.

Abstracta’s original connectors are best used in semi permanent to permanent displays, and furniture. The use of 90º die-cast metal-alloy connectors inserted into the ends of seam-welded heavy gauge steel tubing makes our system strong and sturdy.

Cubitz Connectors are designed especially for use where the displays/shelving may be put together and taken down often, such as trade shows and arts and crafts fairs.


All tubes are made from high-grade steel and are available in a width of 13mm (½-inch) diameter. The 13mm size is a light-weight choice for exhibition displays that need to be taken apart and re-assembled.


Designs for stock display units be ordered with or without shelving. While glass is the most popular shelving option, customers can also custom order mirrored glass, acrylic and wood (including exotic hardwoods).


We offer a range of accessories such as adjustable shelf brackets for intermediate shelving, clips to hold vertical panels, our nylon mallet to assemble a display system, and a disconnect tool when it’s time to disassemble a display.


If you’re feeling creative and desire to have an Abstracta system uniquely suited to your space, be it retail, residential, or a traveling exhibit, we encourage you to design your own display.

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