The original Abstracta system is made from steel tubing and zinc connectors. This gives it the weight and structure necessary for commercial applications. However, the steel and zinc friction fit takes significant force to hammer flush and to disconnect. Once people assemble Abstracta, they tend to keep it together for awhile. This is where CubitzKitz comes into the equation!

CubitzKitz are for DIYers, families, and anyone who loves to regularly rearrange their home. It utilizes 15″ anodized aluminum tubing instead of steel, and an entirely new type of connector that is glass-filled nylon instead of zinc. CubitzKitz are 75% lighter than the original Abstracta, and much easier to assemble and disassemble. This also makes it more accessible to children and people with limited physical strength. It is still extremely strong, but it’s a lot more fun to put together.

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