Room dividers are an underappreciated addition to homes and businesses. While it can feel like partitions are more of a decoration, many forget that they serve a practical purpose. The beauty of a room divider, however, is that it can feel like it’s just decorative when it’s truly practical.

Luckily, with Abstracta room dividers, you can customize your partitions to fit the space of your home—no matter what it calls for. In this month’s blog post, we’re discussing how you can use room dividers in your home and office.

Use Room Dividers to Create a Sense of Privacy at Home

One of the best (and most common) ways to use room dividers is to create a sense of privacy for an area in your home. Popular areas to place partitions are between rooms that don’t have doors—such as between dining areas and living rooms. This is particularly helpful if you want to keep your kids out of the kitchen, or keep the hustle and bustle of the kitchen separate from the living room, where guests relax and talk.

Using Partitions in Office & Retail Environments

One of the primary benefits of room dividers is their ability to create distinct areas within a larger space, providing privacy and separation without the need for permanent walls. In an office setting, partitions can be used to mark individual workstations or meeting areas, which helps create a sense of privacy and concentration for employees. In open-plan layouts, they can also help reduce distractions and improve overall productivity.

On the opposite side of the coin, room dividers are also an amazing way to guide people through your space. Customers, for instance, will follow the layout of a retail environment that uses partitions to separate different sections of products. Some retailers use room dividers this way to separate different types of products, creating a sense of cohesion in their displays. Others, like Ikea, use dividers to guide customers through a maze that customers enjoy. Now, many customers go to Ikea because they look forward to the maze-like design.

However, Ikea’s floor plan is more than just a gimmick. By taking customers through a maze, Ikea exposes them to a wide variety of products, increasing the odds that customers will find something they like.

Are you interested in using room dividers to improve your home or business? If so, then Abstracta has what you need. For more information on our partitions or to buy your own, click here to contact us today.

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