How To Create A Successful Art Show Display

Now that we have covered retail displays in our Retail Space series (see past blog posts) we want to cover how to set up a successful booth display for a craft show, art show, fair, festival, or trade show. A lot of the same tips apply, so don’t forget to read our Retail Space posts, […]

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Visual Merchandising Tips

So far, we have discussed retail floorplans and consumer behavior, in our “Retail Space” series. Today’s blog post will cover visual merchandising and the key points to remember when creating a retail display. Creating successful retail displays can seem overwhelming. There is a lot to consider before jumping in, and a lot that can make […]

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Customer Behavior in Retail Spaces

In our previous blog post (part one of our Retail Space series) we discussed three different retail floor plans and layouts, and some of the advantages and disadvantages of each. In today’s post, we will discuss consumer behavior and shopping patterns in retail spaces, to further understand the importance of choosing the correct layout for […]

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