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Design Custom Display Shelves for Your Home or Office

Abstracta can provide you with all the parts and components you need to create the perfect custom display shelves for home, gallery, or retail settings. With our modular design, you have unbeatable flexibility, even when used in conjunction with our stock units, that is also a more economical choice than requesting a custom design. This […]

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Abstracta Has Artisan Units To Help Ease Prep Work For Art Fairs And Exhibitions

If you dread the thought of lugging all of your work to a different town or state for a gallery showing, Abstracta can provide you with customizable artisan units to help reduce the amount of prep time you need for a successful exhibition at a gallery or art fair. We know that between taking measurements […]

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Always Be Ready For Special, In-Store Events with Abstracta Retail Displays

Special events are a great way to promote your store, roll out new product lines and, in general, attract new customers to your establishment. But, all too often, the cost of those events can be discouraging. From marketing materials to purchasing additional retail fixtures, the financial hurdles can turn an exciting opportunity into a stressful […]

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Leverage the Power of Modularity with Abstracta Retail Displays

Finding the perfect retail display system for your shop can be challenging. Will the displays you’re looking at fit into your space? Will their design complement your existing display fixtures? Are the retail fixtures you’re considering capable of growing with your store? When you ask these kinds of questions, you’re ensuring that your purchase is […]

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Express Your Inner Artist with Abstracta Artisan Units

Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, jeweler or potter, Abstracta’s artisan displays allow you to customize their appearance to complement your work. We know that being an artist is hard… you work too hard, you’re paid too little and you’re required to tirelessly self-promote your creations. In light of that, why should displaying your work be […]

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Museum Displays and Fixtures Help Create Eye-catching Exhibits

A number of museums around the country rely on Abstracta to provide them with subtle, sophisticated museum displays. The Abstracta system’s minimalist design makes it an ideal way to showcase exhibitions because, first and foremost, it allows the exhibition to shine. When museum visitors peruse your displays, it’s important that those displays not compete for […]

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Stand Out From the Crowd at Conventions and Fairs with Abstracta

When you’re displaying your wares at a local convention or fair, you’re facing stiff competition. It’s essential to your success that you eke out every possible advantage. Whether it’s through differentiating yourself with your displays, setting up quicker or being able to adapt on the fly, the Abstracta system gives you the edge that you […]

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Modular Display Systems That Are Affordable and Transportable

Summer fun under the July sun is here – finally – and everyone’s celebrating. With bare toes buried in warm sand, with kids flying on bikes and boards down the roads of every cul de sac and with marshmallows roasting over flickering flames. Color splashes the gardens and crowds rush to the beaches. Fireworks and […]

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Liven up Your Store with Abstracta’s Retail Product Displays

Is your store currently sporting outdated, dilapidated retail product displays? Are you struggling to create a lively, engaging atmosphere with your current fixtures? Do you wish that there was a more versatile, less expensive way to display your products? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Abstracta’s retail displays are designed for […]

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Lend a Touch of Elegance to Your Office with Abstracta’s Office Displays

Your office space is a statement about your business and sophisticated office displays let you tailor that statement to your customers’ expectations. Far beyond their utility, high-quality displays allow you to create a dialogue with your customers… without ever speaking a word. In the same way that a nice couch, rug, or armchair can turn […]

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