When it comes to jewelry displays, we at Abstracta believe there to be an art about them. That’s why we provide superior quality jewelry display cases and options for showing off your jewelry to customers in search of a quality creation. Whether you’re firmly planted in one location, or you travel to sell your creations using trade show displays and kiosk fixtures, the team at Abstracta aims to provide you with the best display options possible.

Despite this, we understand that choosing the right display equipment for you and your creations can be difficult. For that reason, today’s blog post will focus on different display options we offer and how you can use them to your advantage.

Abstracta Jewelry Display Cases

Finding the right jewelry display case can feel like an impossible task, especially if you have a diverse array of jewelry to sell. To address this, Abstracta jewelry display cases have the benefit of being easily moved and manipulable to highlight your creations in whichever way you feel is best.

For instance, our CubitzKitz are designed so you can construct and deconstruct your shelving piece by piece to build the ideal display. Or, if you’d like display options custom-built by our team of professionals, we offer units such as our 1075-04 Mod4 that are tailored to catch the eye.

Trade Show Displays and Kiosk Design

Kiosk designs have their own charm about them. If you want to make a kiosk design that serves your unique needs, then we don’t only recommend browsing our library of display cases, but also our Design Your Own page.

When you design your own Abstracta display cases, we encourage you to keep a few factors in mind. Namely:

  • How much floor space do you have?
  • How much vertical space do you have to work with?
  • How much weight must the shelf support? Also, what material do you need it made of?
  • What color do you want?
  • Should your unit have legs?

If you have more specific needs or would like to work with a professional, then don’t worry. When you choose to work with us, we offer professional assistance in designing your perfect Abstracta unit.

Are you interested in purchasing pre-built trade show displays or build-your-own kiosk design shelving? If so, Abstracta may be the right choice for you. To get a hold of your own Abstracta retail fixtures, contact us today for more information. You know what displays work best for your creations; when you partner with Abstracta, we seek to help give you tools to complement them.


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