If you own a business in Kalamazoo or frequently participate in trade shows, then you know how using the right display shelves can make or break your business. Proper displays of your work have the power to reel customers in and give your creations the fair shake they deserve. A suboptimal display, however, can turn off customers to the idea of buying your product, even if it’s exactly what they need.

At Abstracta, we believe that everyone deserves a fair shake at their business, whether that means an office or a trade show. That’s why we created our line of modular display stands and retail fixtures: so that you and your creations get all the attention they deserve.

Trade Show Displays that Change the Game

Our display stands, shelves, and cases aim to add a sense of elegance, refinement, and draw to your trade show line up. At the same time, we also strive to account for the rigors of setting up a trade show display, as well. If you’re packing your inventory into your vehicle to transport it to the trade show, then the chances are you don’t have much room left over for bulky and inelegant display solutions like folding tables. That’s why our display shelves can be quickly broken down into small bundles of steel tubes, connectors, and glass display shelving. Once you have them broken down, they take only moments to set back up again, and give an extra ‘oomph’ to your product line that competitors using old, beat-up folding tables will envy.

Room Dividers and Retail Fixtures for Stationary Businesses

If you don’t live your retail life on the move, then Abstracta still offers effective, adaptable solutions for your retail displays. Some of our products, such as our 973 stock unit, serve as retail displays but also double as room dividers. When used in tandem with other units, these retail fixtures are perfect for passively guiding customers throughout your store and separating different lines of products without isolating them. Additionally, their modular design and easy set up/break down process means that you can quickly and frequently adjust the layout of your business to keep recurring customers engaged while testing to find and improve on the most effective layouts.

Are you seeking to overhaul the way that customers view you and your creations without all the hassle and commitment of heavy display cases? If so, contact us to get your own set of Abstracta display solutions retail fixtures today.

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