It’s not a secret at standing out at a trade show can be tough. Even if you have the best work at the show, making sales is difficult when you can’t get any eyes on the work you’ve done.

At Abstracta, we believe that everyone’s work deserves a fair shot in the marketplace. That’s just one reason why we created our tradeshow units: so that you and your work get the attention worthy of your efforts. In line with this belief, today’s blog post will focus on how to make the most of abstracta tradeshow display units to get the business you and your product line deserve.

Piece by Piece: Customizing Your Display

If you prefer total creative control over your display, then we recommend our base units such as the 100 Stock Unit and 101 Stock Unit. These units are the absolute building block that we use in many of our own designs at Abstracta. By using units such as these with our metal or polymer connectors, you can design your own display with absolute control, form-fitting your Abstracta display to custom fit your product line.

This approach works particularly well when combined with one of our centerpiece units, such as the 816 stock unit. These units make a statement about which of your creations are truly to be awed and envied, and when combined with personalized design, they can help make for a truly memorable customer experience.

Wholesale: Pre-Built, Professional Designs

If you’d rather not deal with the hassle of creating your own design for your display or if you’d rather place your trust in us as professionals, then we recommend you buy one of our advanced units, such as the 577 Stock Unit or the 577G. These units are designed to impress any audience, and capitalize on the craftsmanship of your work to wow audiences. Or, if you want something not quite as loud to complement your display work, then the 805 and 8050 Stock Units are perfect for elegantly displaying your work without making a statement.

Are you interested in getting the attention you work deserves at trade shows? If so, contact us here today to open up a dialogue about which display solution is the best for you. Together, we can help boost your sales and get your work in the hands of those who truly appreciate it.

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