Managing display shelves can feel like a nightmare for those who simply want to show off their products and hard work to potential customers. Managing and transporting display shelves can be difficult enough on its own, where making your display visually appealing and engaging to your customer base can be an even greater task. Balancing the wow factor of your display while minimizing clutter can feel like an impossible task. For that reason, we here at Abstracta believe that your displays should be both easy to prepare and elegant. That’s why we make our signature shelves and retail displays simple to assemble and visually striking. In today’s blog post, we’ll be discussing the most effective ways to use Abstracta display shelves to enhance your tradeshow displays.

Using Empty and Negative Space in Your Display

Perhaps one of the strongest aspects of Abstracta display shelves are their ability to use what’s called empty and negative space. Utilizing empty space in your booth is important for its quality of making customers feel at ease in your booth. If customers feel crowded or overstimulated in your booth, they’ll want to leave to restore a sense of peace. Abstracta display shelves are ideal for capitalizing on empty space because they utilize a minimalist design to frame your merchandise and get out of the way. This creates a unique and engaging aesthetic for your booth while preserving a level of comfort that customers desire.

Guiding the Eye with Abstracta Shelving

We believe that architecture and design are art forms, meant to create an artistic experience by guiding the eye. Naturally, the same attitude can be applied all the way down to trade show displays. Your product is more than just some product; it’s a unique experience to be felt. To help you convey you and your products’ unique experience, we carry a long list of different display units that draw the eye in unique ways.

Our 577 Stock Unit, for instance, excels at drawing the eye to a centerpiece or essential work, then guiding the eye to a variety of similar pieces on either tower. The middle shelves are designed without lined tubes, emphasizing the products your place on them. Once potential customers spot your centerpiece product and are drawn in, the outer towers are the next visual destination for any curious passerby. By staying mindful of the visual experience your display shelves create, you can make every trade show display one worth visiting.

Are you interested in using Abstracta display shelves to upgrade your tradeshow display? If so, contact us here for more information or survey our catalogue of products to get a better idea of which display best suits your needs.

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