Here at Abstracta, we pride ourselves on the versatility of our products. From item displays to furniture to art pieces, we believe that the items we sell could fit in any home or business. That being said, one of our favorite uses of our products are as room dividers and open cubicles. In particular, our CubitzKitz system is ideal for anyone looking to modify their home or office space to their liking.

Abstracta as Home Room Dividers

One of the greatest strengths of our CubitzKitz is its ability to be taken down, moved, or rearranged again and again and again. Because our CubitzKitz are composed of aluminum tubing and glass-filled nylon, they’re much more lightweight and amenable to being constructed by almost anyone. Furthermore, their easy handling and customizable design makes them an enjoyable experience to set up in the home. For that reason, CubitzKitz are ideal not only for the adults of the household, but also any children who want to flex their creativity when making their own space. As room dividers, they also serve well to separate spaces out without confining any part of your home or making your home feel smaller. Naturally, CubitzKitz are ideal for anyone at home looking to partition their space while making maximum use of their floor plan.

Abstracta as Office Partitions

Inside or outside of the home, our CubitzKitz help make for the perfect personal office space. Where conventional cubicles and room dividers make for dark, isolated, or even confining personal spaces, CubitzKitz grant both the aesthetic sleekness of a true professional while also allowing for an open space design. We believe our open space design allows for greater creativity, a heightened sense of comfort, and lower stress for those using CubitzKitz in the home office or in a community work environment. We offer pre-designed single unit and double unit office CubitzKitz cubicles, both with their own distinct advantages. If you or your employees would like to have more control over their immediate environment, however, CubtizKitz are customizable and modular, meaning they can be constructed into almost any design that you’d like.

When it comes to room dividers and office partitions, there’s no need to settle for the suffocating designs of conventional dividers and cubicles. If you’re interested in using Abstracta’s CubitzKitz or other products to bring both stability and identity to your home or business, check out our designs today to get started on crafting your ideal work environment!

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