Planning a Gallery Showing? Showcase Your Work with Abstracta Artisan Units

Prepping for a gallery showing can be a harrowing experience. Promoting the event, marketing yourself, selecting showpieces and setting up your space can eat up a large chunk of your time. Beyond that, the stress of getting everything “just right” is enough to push any artist over the edge. Thankfully, Abstracta artisan units help to […]

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Spruce Up Your Retail Space with the Abstracta System

In the ever-changing landscape of retail sales, the Abstracta modular display system is an ideal way to keep your showrooms fresh, engaging and attractive. With a multitude of configurations possible, stock display cubes can make your products stand out and, if needed, customized displays can be designed to complement your space’s current layout. Adaptable, easy […]

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Introducing…Cubitz® by Abstracta!

Introducing Cubitz®, the newest addition to our original time-honored Abstracta® Display System.  Cubitz is designed especially for use where the displays/shelving may be put together and taken down often, such as trade shows and arts and crafts fairs. The difference is that the connectors are a new polymer composite versus the all-metal, zinc connectors of […]

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Grow Your Retail Displays Right Alongside Your Business

As a small business owner, one of the most difficult things to predict is the growth of your business and the need to expand your retail displays. At the onset, there are usually two routes that can be taken: invest heavily and, as a result, risk overspending or invest frugally and risk being unprepared. Whether […]

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How To Create A Successful Art Show Display

Now that we have covered retail displays in our Retail Space series (see past blog posts) we want to cover how to set up a successful booth display for a craft show, art show, fair, festival, or trade show. A lot of the same tips apply, so don’t forget to read our Retail Space posts, […]

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Visual Merchandising Tips

So far, we have discussed retail floorplans and consumer behavior, in our “Retail Space” series. Today’s blog post will cover visual merchandising and the key points to remember when creating a retail display. Creating successful retail displays can seem overwhelming. There is a lot to consider before jumping in, and a lot that can make […]

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An Architects Perspective on Abstracta

We asked David C. Paterson, an Architect in Birmingham Michigan, for his honest opinion and perspective on Abstracta displays. The following is what David had to say, after using Abstracta for fifty years, and in multiple settings and scenarios. “A current projected use of the Abstracta modular unit system has stimulated the following reflection on […]

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A floorplan that works for both customers and retailer’s, balances customer experience with product placement, maximizing revenue per square foot. It is important to plan store layouts, design, and flow, with both the customers enjoyment, and sales potential in mind.Today we will discuss choosing the appropriate floorplan. Of course, this will vary depending on the […]

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What do consumers have to say about Abstracta?

So, what are people saying about Abstracta? We are glad you asked! The feedback from long time Abstracta customers has been incredible. We have received so many reviews from happy customers, some of which you will see throughout the Abstracta website. There have been a couple recently, however, that have truly stood out. These reviews […]

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Showcase Your Architectural Design with Modular Furniture Designed by an Architect

When architects and interior designers are looking to add a bit of sophistication to their spaces, they often turn to Abstracta. Designed by Poul Cadovius, a prodigious Danish architect, the modular furniture available from Abstracta is timeless, elegant and easy to adapt to any space. Whether you’re looking to highlight the clean lines of a […]

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