Prepping for a gallery showing can be a harrowing experience. Promoting the event, marketing yourself, selecting showpieces and setting up your space can eat up a large chunk of your time. Beyond that, the stress of getting everything “just right” is enough to push any artist over the edge. Thankfully, Abstracta artisan units help to alleviate that stress, easing the burden of set up and allowing you to focus on what’s important: your art and your message. In this post, we’re going to look at three of the biggest advantages offered by our artisan units.

Make the most of your time

Ask any artist and they’re likely to agree: setting up a gallery space is a time consuming exercise in frustration. With our artisan units, however, you can simply stroll into your space and quickly assemble your displays. The simple, quick system of tubes and connectors makes setting up – and breaking down – a total breeze.

Maximize floor space

Because they are modular, our artisan units can be adapted to fit any space. One day, you’ve got 600 square feet and the next you’re stuck with 200? Not a problem, simply assemble the units in a different configuration that takes advantage of the space that you have available!

Minimize distractions

The minimalist design of Abstracta displays allows them to showcase your work without drawing attention away from it. Let the gallery’s visitors ooh and ahh at the fruits of your labor rather than the gaudiness of your displays!

At Abstracta, we aim to provide artists with a cost-efficient, elegant way to display their work. As an alternative to lugging around massive glass display cases, our artisan units allow you to dedicate more time to your work and, more importantly, more space to your output. If you’ve been looking for an easy, sophisticated way to maximize your time and exposure, contact us today to discuss how we can help!

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