A number of museums around the country rely on Abstracta to provide them with subtle, sophisticated museum displays. The Abstracta system’s minimalist design makes it an ideal way to showcase exhibitions because, first and foremost, it allows the exhibition to shine. When museum visitors peruse your displays, it’s important that those displays not compete for their attention. It’s essential that your museum displays be understated so that your exhibitions remain the focal point. This is one of the greatest benefits of the Abstracta display system: because it is modular, it can be adapted to every application.

Modular and minimal                             

Just like our retail displays, Abstracta’s fixtures can be built to your specifications. Whether you require a massive, multi-tiered display or a single shelf unit, you can build with a purpose in mind. In the case of museum displays and fixtures, our system lets you preserve the “wow factor” of your exhibitions by creating minimalist display fixtures. And, because they’re modular, you won’t need to constantly purchase additional displays, you can simply repurpose your existing units.

Customizable and sophisticated

If you’re creating a new space, Abstracta can work with you to develop museum displays that fit seamlessly within your space. Ancient pottery, forgotten relics, antique books, tapestries and more… our modular display system can be customized to create an elegant, sophisticated atmosphere that truly highlights your museum’s exhibitions.

At Abstracta, our system was designed to provide our customers with a modular – yet simple – way to solve their display issues. Creating a minimalistic, airy look, the system is favored by museum curators across the globe who depend on it to provide a quick and unobtrusive way to update and display their museum’s exhibitions. If you’ve been looking for a way to really showcase your museum’s items, take a look at our online store and discover why the world’s museums love Abstracta!

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