We asked David C. Paterson, an Architect in Birmingham Michigan, for his honest opinion and perspective on Abstracta displays. The following is what David had to say, after using Abstracta for fifty years, and in multiple settings and scenarios.

“A current projected use of the Abstracta modular unit system has stimulated the following reflection on the merits and attributes of this system, and the significant contributions of its manageable modularity which embraces intuitive design understanding as it is employed to create structures used to support, organize, and delicately present assemblies, that are integrated and structural competent.

It is hard to comprehend that fifty years have passed since my first use of Abstracta. I remember it as a new product seen in some architectural magazine ad that was current and that coincided with an early marriage need to introduce my wife to my design prowess of solution to support of a glass coffee table top. She of classic taste and me a modernist brought sensitivities to most decorating discussions. The transparency of the system served us well as the space afforded by our living space was small. This table is still used in a more generous space and displays itself, new, as the day it was first assembled. My wife embraced it fully for its delicacy, polished chrome finish, and its durability both structurally and aesthetically. Not only is this a testament to durability but also to sustainability of design, and material integrity. It’s accommodating reconfiguration using additional components of variable size, finish or color, spirits ingenuity, freshness and continuing integrity and delight. Picture number one displays this piece.

The flexible integrated components afford variable modules that create spaces that accommodate storage or display opportunities of use or décor. The material displayed is given priority as the reflective supporting framework is subservient. This configuration was designed, again, for a relatively small room but it furnishes a refreshing presence to the general demeanor of the living space. Glass shelves contribute to its transparency and are configured and mounted using the systems support clips.

Abstracta is a complete system. Assemblies can be configured horizontally or vertically. The modular integrity of the system has evolved and has embraced intuitively and engaged imaginatively in design for over a half century. Stainable on all counts it can be counted on to provide solution that endures without great demand. I highly recommend this product.”

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