If you work at a kiosk, then you know that your kiosk design is essential to enticing customers. If your kiosk looks disorderly, outdated, or unattractive, then potential customers just won’t want to give you a fair shake. That said, balancing form and functionality in a kiosk is always a challenge. How do you set up a kiosk so that it looks approachable and stores the products you need?

Here at Abstracta, we’ve been balancing form and function since our creation in the 1960’s. Now, we want to share our discoveries with you. In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing how you can use Abstracta displays in your kiosk design.

Blending Functionality and Design in Kiosk Displays

Abstracta was created with the purpose of blending form and functionality for retailers everywhere. Not only are our minimalist designs visually appealing, but they’re also a breeze to assemble and disassemble. This brings us to the third great design of any kiosk: adaptability.

Being able to adjust your kiosk as you upgrade and refine your operation is essential. That’s why we created Abstracta displays to be easily adjustable on the fly. Our kiosk fixtures are not only simple to build, but also simple to deconstruct in on a matter of minutes. Thanks to our simple connecters, you can also reconfigure your Abstracta displays into unique designs for your needs.

Using Abstracta Kiosk Display Cases

Our team of professionals have created a wide variety of artisan and tradeshow units that are perfect for kiosk displays. For smaller kiosks, we recommend the following Abstracta kiosk display cases:

  • 100 Stock Unit
  • 101 Stock Unit
  • 110 Stock Unit
  • B Stock Unit

These units are small and simple to set up, take down, and adjust on the fly. While they won’t act as dividers in your kiosk, they do excel at showcasing your goods in attractive, approachable ways.

By contrast, we also offer larger units that can even act as foot traffic dividers at your kiosk. These units are:

  • 1075-05 Mod5 Stock Unit
  • 974 Stock Unit
  • 1075-08 MOD8 Stock Unit
  • The 577G

Each of these units is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provides a strong sense of form to any kiosk.

Wherever you have a kiosk, it’s important to be adaptable and flexible for whatever the market demands. Here at Abstracta, we believe that you shouldn’t have to decide between a striking aesthetic and a functional display. To order your own Abstracta kiosk display cases, click here to browse our inventory today.

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