Whether you run a brick-and-mortar business or pop-up tradeshow displays, you’ve faced this question: how can you make your display shelves ideal for customers?

As the creators of Abstracta’s modern, minimalist design, we know that display shelves aren’t just about holding your merchandise—they represent your brand, attract customers, and can even be the deciding factor in a sale. That’s why we offer a wide variety of customizable display shelves for our customers. We believe that sellers of all needs and backgrounds deserve a storefront that truly represents who they are.

In this month’s blog post, we’ll be exploring the different ways you can use Abstracta display shelves for your business.

Convenient, Customizable Display Shelves for Tradeshow Displays

One aspect of Abstracta designs that our customers love is the easy customization options our units offer. All you need in order to assemble our modular display shelves are the shelves, themselves, a nylon mallet, and an Abstracta Disconnect Tool and Extractor Rod. With only three tools, you can set up your lightweight Abstracta displays in almost any way you can imagine.

Additionally, the minimalist design of our modular display shelves makes them both pleasant to look at and approachable without taking the emphasis off of your product. That’s why many of our customers prefer models such as our:

  • 100 Stock Unit
  • 101 Stock Unit
  • 111 Stock Unit
  • B Stock Unit

Each of these units are single-block designs, which can be assembled however you like to quickly add a sense of elegance to any product.

Larger Display Shelves that Always Impress

If you’re more interested in shelving that makes a statement without taking attention away from your products, then we have a wide range of choices for you.

Retailers prefer shelving such as our 977 stock unit to make a statement about merchandise that truly reflects their brand. When combined with glass shelves, displays like our 977 stock unit add a sense of hierarchy and order to any product line. Other examples of our centerpiece shelving include:

  • 974 Stock Unit
  • 1075-08 MOD8 Stock Unit
  • 577G
  • 155 Stock Unit

Custom Shelves for Retailers of All Sizes

No matter your size, market, or audience, the beauty of Abstracta’s display shelving are their ability to draw the eye without stealing your products’ thunder. To browse the many shelving solutions we offer, click here to view our options for retailers, artisans, and tradeshow displays.

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