Just having the best jewelry around isn’t enough—potential customers need to know about your jewelry, check it out, and ultimately decide to make a purchase. Even so, the question still remains: how do we get customers to notice our jewelry? Here at Abstracta, we recommend a blend of our customizable jewelry display cases and tried-and-true display solutions in order to bring together your finest jewelry and the customers who want it. In this month’s blog post, we’ll be discussing how you can use our jewelry display cases in tandem with tricks of the trade to enchant potential customers of all backgrounds.

1. Use Lighting to Draw the Eye and Illuminate Jewelry

Lighting is often an unsung hero of any display. With just a little intention behind the lighting in a jewelry display, you’ll be able to capture the attention of potential customers and amaze them with the beauty of your jewelry.

Our recommendations:

Gold: For gold and  jewelry that has an orange/yellow color, we recommend a warm white light in the 2500k-3500k range. This lighting will enhance the richness of the gold while still giving the customer an honest look at the color of the jewelry.

Diamond and Platinum: For diamonds and other gemstones that benefit from a beautiful sparkle, 4500k-5500k lights will bring out their finer points with a very slight bluish hue. This gives a “cooling” effect opposite to the warm lighting of gold displays.

2. Use Varying Heights to make a Dynamic Display

To further guide potential customers in and around your display, use different heights for different types of jewelry. We recommend using see-through displays like the display shelves we offer at Abstracta. Then, simply supplement them with jewelry display risers to show off multiple at once.

Don’t forget to add mirrors at different heights around your store! That way, customers of different heights can comfortably see how a piece would fit them.

3. Use Abstracta Jewelry Display Shelves for Open Designs

Open, minimalist designs are essential to encouraging customers to interact with your jewelry. By removing unnecessary clutter in your display and replacing it with open, glass shelving, your customers’ focus will be devoted entirely to your jewelry.

Here at Abstracta, we offer customizable jewelry display cases that you can set up within minutes and alter as needed. That way, you can test for the best, most open design without buying new shelving.

Are you interested in increasing the number of customers you get and improving sales with the customers you already have? If so, then click here to place an order for your Abstracta jewelry display cases today.

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