In the ever-changing landscape of retail sales, the Abstracta modular display system is an ideal way to keep your showrooms fresh, engaging and attractive. With a multitude of configurations possible, stock display cubes can make your products stand out and, if needed, customized displays can be designed to complement your space’s current layout. Adaptable, easy to assemble and, above all else, versatile, the Abstracta system has been utilized as store fixtures, shelving, furniture and more.

Abstracta is modular

As trends change, so do product displays. Abstracta can help you keep pace with current trends while also maximizing the impact of your space. Built around a system of tubes and connectors, the system allows you to expand, shrink and transform the look of your displays. A large display can be broken down into multiple smaller displays, a tall display can become a longer, shorter one… with the number of components available, the possibilities are truly endless.

Abstracta is built to last

Constructed from American-made steel tubes, die-cast connectors and tempered glass, all Abstracta systems are designed to endure their lives as retail displays. Beyond this, another attractive benefit to the system is its simple and inexpensive upkeep. If, for some reason, something damages your displays, a full replacement isn’t necessary. Most of the time, a single part – such as a new glass top or a replacement tube – is all that is required to return your Abstracta display to its original condition.

Abstracta lets your products speak

The focal point of a retail store shouldn’t be the store’s displays, it should be the products. Abstracta’s elegant, minimalist design ensures that it is perfectly suited to showcase a massive range of products. From home décor and glassware to artistic prints and clothing, Abstracta is the stage upon which your products can dramatically present themselves.

If you’re tired of struggling to keep up with the constant ebb and flow of retail display trends, let us show you how you can maintain your showroom without breaking the bank, or your back! Abstracta’s simple, economical design saves you both time and money by providing you with a reusable, modular system that can be adapted to an infinite number of purposes.

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