Whether your home office or work office, the environment you’re in when you’re trying to be productive makes a world of difference. Opposite to how a cluttered office makes for a cluttered mind, a respectable office makes for a respectable mind.

At Abstracta, we have a philosophy for simple elegance in both the home and the workplace. For that reason, we offer some of the best room dividers and office partitions on the market. Even so, figuring out how to use them properly can cause a sort of decision paralysis; there are simple so many ways to use partitions effectively. With this in mind, today’s blog post will focus on the different ways you can use Abstracta to make the perfect office partitions and room dividers.

Abstracta Office Partitions and Professional Designs

If you want the simple structure of an office with partitions, but not the isolation that comes with standard cubicles, then Abstracta office partitions may be the perfect solution for you. Unlike conventional office partitions that block workers off from one another and make for a stuffy, standoffish working space, Abstracta open design partitions establish boundaries without establishing borders.

Additionally, our CubitzKitz are also perfect for doubling as shelving units, so you and/or your employees can adorn them with items such as office supplies or decorations.

Abstracta Room Dividers for All Purposes

Whether you’re working from home or looking to add a fresh new take to your living space, Abstracta’s room dividers suit nearly any venue. When you purchase our CubitzKitz Architect Kit, we’ll give you all the tools you need to construct room dividers suited to whatever layout room you have. When you purchase an Architect Kit, you’ll receive:

  • 152 tubes
  • 124 connectors
  • 6 acrylic shelves
  • Dead blow hammer and disconnect tool
  • 5 sheets of isometric graph paper
  • 152 straws
  • 124 straw connectors
  • An instruction booklet

While we’ll provide specifications for constructing your Architect Kit, we also encourage you to experiment with the kit on your own. We believe that part of the beauty of Abstracta Architect Kits is the great customizability and creative potential you have as a customer to tailor our reliable product to your own unique needs.

Are you interested in securing the right office partition or room divider for your home or office? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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