For years, Abstracta has provided quality trade show displays and kiosk designs to artisans of all backgrounds. We’ve earned the faith of so many, we believe, because of our dedication to strong, attractive trade show and kiosk designs.

If you’re a fan or customer of our products, then you’ve almost certainly heard us talk at length about our CubitzKitz® designs and elegant, customizable retail fixtures. Today, though, we want to talk about something a little different. Today, we’ll be discussing how to design strong retail displays that make customers want to buy your creations.

How to Attract Customers to Your Booth

If you have experience selling your creations at trade shows, then you know that one of the most difficult parts of making a sale is getting people to visit your booth in the first place. To convert passersby into potential customers, we recommend you experiment with the following design approaches:

Use Empty Space to Your Advantage

This is a principle we at Abstracta highly value, and that you’ll find in our designs. When you’re given your lot of space to grab people’s attention, you might feel pressured to fill it to the brim with designs, marketing, and products. However, strategically using empty space can be much more effective for much less effort. Just look at how one company was able to create a sense of awe by using the vertical empty space most displays don’t consider.

Make Your Messaging Stand Out

Working hand-in-hand with the Navien exhibit we linked to above is the principle of noticeable messaging. Messages that communicate what your brand is and what you sell should have homes in your trade show display that are easy to see when walking by your booth. Generally speaking, you can accomplish this making the message you want to send as concise as possible, making that concise message large, and placing it center-stage and at least a solid foot above waist height.

How to Entice Customers with Your Creations

Now that your stellar kiosk design has attracted people to your work, how do you convert potential customers into purchasing customers? Today, we have some out-of-the-box suggestions for you that will give you an edge on making a sale.

Use Creative Lighting to Your Advantage

For the space they take up in your booth, lights are exceptionally strong at drawing attention to certain products in trade show display. For instance, some kiosk designs incorporate spotlights and hanging lights (using that empty, vertical space again) to draw special attention to products that are key to a brand or of particular importance.

Create Space for Demonstrations and Interactive Displays

If you sell something that people use instead of display, then you may benefit from creating a central location in your booth where potential customers can interact with your product or observe a demonstration. When you show customers a product in action or let them use it themselves, it demonstrates both your confidence in your product and how customers could realistically use it. By doing so, you both attract customers to the product you’re displaying and provide them with the same trust in it that you have.

That’s all we have for today’s blog post on creating your ideal trade show displays! We hope that this blog post has been helpful in making your displays even better. For more information on the artisan and trade show display products we offer, click here to view our collection. Or, for other inquiries, feel free to contact us here. We hope to see you back here next month!

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