Jewelry display cases, in a way, are just as important as the jewelry that resides within them. Though a customer won’t take the jewelry display case home or brag about it to their friends, they serve an invisible, fundamental purpose to every customer: they get the customer to take notice.

But how do you learn the essentials of jewelry display if you’re not supposed to notice it?

In this month’s blog post, our team wants to help artisans create an effective jewelry display that will make customers fall in love with the pieces you offer. We’ll be covering 3 essentials to displaying jewelry that will help you find a good home for all your designs.

1) Tier Your Jewelry Display Stands

When setting up your display stands, it’s only natural to think of the horizontal layout of your display. However, the vertical layout of our display can’t afford to fall by the wayside. To truly capture that feeling of variety while improving the amount of jewelry you can display, adding a vertical element to your setup will greatly enhance your customers’ experience.

We recommend using simple display shelves when you first begin exploring your display stand design. Our 100 Stock Unit and 101 Stock Unit are ideal for adding a simple layer of elegance to your jewelry display without distracting from the main attraction: your creations.

2) Adorn Your Display Shelves with Mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just essential for letting your customers try your designs before they buy them; mirrors attract customers to nearby jewelry display cases.

Think about it: when you’re out and about and you come across a mirror, the chances are that you’ll take a moment to see how you look. This is because mirrors (and seeing ourselves in them) make us aware of our presentation, which leads us to check in and make sure we still look how we’d like. Chances are, you just made sure your hair was still in place or pulled at your clothes just by reading this.

When you add mirrors to your jewelry display cases, people will naturally want to check themselves out in them. Therefore, when you put mirrors in places that passersby will see them or near jewelry you particularly want to sell, you’ll be increasing the number of eyes on your products and your total sales.

3) Pair Personality with Your Display

Now that you’ve cleverly used tiered display stands in conjunction with mirrors, it’s time to add some personality to your booth or storefront.

Depending on the style of jewelry that you’re selling and the demographics you’re trying to sell to, creating a unique personality will likely not be as difficult as it sounds. If you sell antique-style creations, for instance, then consider decorating your display with antique tins, wooden hooks or coat hangers for necklaces, or aged paper and earthy tones.

No matter the design of your booth or storefront, every jeweler deserves quality jewelry display cases at affordable prices. That’s why we at Abstracta make our designs affordable and elegant, because you should never have to compromise for your jewelry. For more information on the products we offer, browse our catalogue today to find the ideal jewelry display case for you.

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