The modular, classically-designed Abstracta display system is adaptable to many applications and is perfect for companies trying to make an excellent first impression (or preserve a lasting one!) at trade shows. The system is especially helpful for trade show exhibitors as it is simple to rearrange, lightweight, very easy to assemble, and professional.

Unlimited Configurations

Because the Abstracta System is easy to reconfigure, it is ideal for exhibitors when the layout and size of each space for tradeshows varies from show to show. Plus, you have the versatility to try new arrangements as well as adapt when new products or promotions come along.

When designing your display, we recommend you consider the amount of floor space and vertical height that you have to work with, which material you would use for your shelves, the color of metals you want, and if you would prefer to have legs on your display (for example, they are not recommended if you will be on soft ground outside). We are happy to assist you and discuss your ideas to come up with a solution that will tailor to your products, services, branding, and presentation.

Durable, Lightweight Design

With each trade show, you will be bringing an abundance of materials and display items. Make your burden less with a lightweight display structure. Made from American-made steel tubes and metal-alloy, die-cast connectors, the Abstracta system is lightweight compared to many traditional display units. But that doesn’t mean the system is not capable of holding up what you need. The tempered glass shelves can hold up to 35-40 pounds and adjustable shelves up to 20 pounds.

Easy Assembly

The Abstracta system was designed with you in mind, meaning it doesn’t require an expert to assemble it, nor does it take a massive amount of time. You can easily assemble the components at the trade show, eliminating the need for overly expensive shipping costs for per-assembled pieces. With many instruction resources and our special-made tools, you’ll become a pro in no time at assembling and disassembling your structures. But don’t just take our word for it, read what Jaclyn Kraft from Home Care Medical in New Berlin, WI has to say: “They were so easy to work with and it didn’t take us long at all. What a cool system. And great quality too!”

Professional Design to Attract the Masses

The simple and slim design looks professional and puts the focus on your products and services. And because the modular design is so versatile, it’s ideal for any market. Christine Hartsock from Santa Barbara, CA was impressed with the results she saw: “When I purchased it, I thought I would only use it for big shows but I am finding that it helps my sales so much that I actually use it for every show that I do.  I have had so many people come up to my booth and comment on how professional it looks. They ended up purchasing a higher ticket item and I’m sure it was because my work looked like it could command the higher price.”

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