If you’re familiar with creating – or analyzing – retail displays, then you probably already have a good handle on how to create effective art show displays. A lot of the same principles apply: color, lighting, and use of space. At an art show, however, that last item can be a little tricky. With booths often limited in size, maximizing your space is an absolute must. You need to take advantage of every opportunity, utilize every inch of space, and create a powerful – but uncluttered – display that draws in visitors. In today’s post, we’re going to provide you with a few tips that will, hopefully, help you get the most out of your displays.


First and foremost, you need unity. Your displays should be built around a theme, one that captures the essence of your art and – more importantly – introduces passersby to your work from afar. This unity will help to introduce visitors to your brand and will serve as a conversation starter to the people who visit your booth.


Since space is limited, it’s important to utilize every possible inch. But, it’s also essential that you create an open, inviting space that doesn’t feel cluttered. Abstracta’s art show displays are great for this because they feature a minimalistic design, which allows your products and work to be the star of your space.


While visual appeal is, obviously, paramount at an art show, don’t forget about setting up and tearing down. The faster you can set up, the more attention you can pay to the little details that really make your displays shine. Abstracta’s displays are designed around a simple tube and connector system that allows for extremely quick, extremely easy setup.

If you’re looking for a better, more effective way to market yourself at trade shows, we encourage you to browse our products and place your order today!

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