If you’re planning a special event in your store, why not make it even more special with high-quality, sophisticated retail displays from Abstracta? When it comes to these events, customers are expecting to be wowed. Often, though, it can be intimidating making changes to your store to create those “wow moments.” It can cost money, take time, and be challenging to implement. Luckily, Abstracta has you covered! Our displays are engineered to be cost-effective and – more importantly – to make your life easy. With our tube and connector system, you can have your products displayed in a matter of minutes. And, best of all, you’ll be able to repurpose your displays after the event, reconfiguring them in a near-infinite number of ways to the benefit of your store… and your customers!

Designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing décor, Abstracta’s retail displays are elegant, simple, and perfectly suited to showcase your products, both during your special event and in the future. Whether you’re going for a sleek, ultra-modern look or a dialed-down, rustic feel, you can absolutely count on our displays to capture – and elevate – the atmosphere of your store. Best of all, they’re not simply “one and done” … they can be repurposed to work with future events and integrated into your store’s daily promotions.

At Abstracta, we set out to design the industry’s most versatile retail fixtures and displays. Pouring our hearts into the project, we feel that we’ve created some of the most simple and powerful displays on the market. Ideal for special events, their simplicity ensures that they’re easy to implement but their complexity makes them flexible. If you’ve been searching for a way to take your next special event to another level, be sure to browse our offerings and contact us with any questions!

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