Abstracta offers a great selection of modular home furniture solutions that can add both functionality and sophisticated style to any living space. Not only are these pieces perfect for storing or displaying books, knickknacks, curios, or other mementos, we have tables and shelves that can be customized to fit and complement any décor. Our modular components are sturdy and easy to assemble, giving you a modern-looking solution to storage that will keep your home looking organized and free of clutter. Take a look at the options we have available for sale and be sure to contact one of our dedicated professionals with any questions you may have about which options may be right for your home living space.

Modular Shelving

Our expansive shelving solutions are specially designed to help create vertical space that is also functional and fully customizable through the use of our tube and connector system. This means that you can easily reconfigure or expand your shelving set-up as needed, giving your living space added versatility to evolve with your décor.

Innovative and Versatile Tables

If you are looking for stylish versatile tables, our Mya tables may be the perfect answer. Available in three sizes, these tables are designed with increased flexibility in mind, as the tabletops are interchangeable. This gives you greater versatility, allowing you to change and adapt the tables to fit your space as you change or re-arrange your décor.

Nesting tables provide a unique dynamic to your home décor. With tables available in different sizes, you can store the tables inside one another to keep them out of the way when not in use. This gives you the extra table-top space you may need without taking up extra space in your home.

The talented professionals at Abstracta are dedicated to providing customers with the best possible modular home furniture solutions with a unique combination of style and substance. The products we offer are sturdy and customizable, so you can get the exact items you need. We have products that are perfect for both commercial and residential applications. Whether you are looking for a better display for certain mementos, or you just want to update the look of your current décor, our team of dedicated professionals can help you find exactly what you are looking for. Call us today to discuss your needs!

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