If you dread the thought of lugging all of your work to a different town or state for a gallery showing, Abstracta can provide you with customizable artisan units to help reduce the amount of prep time you need for a successful exhibition at a gallery or art fair. We know that between taking measurements and planning the layout and setting up your fixtures, the task of setting up your exhibition can be time consuming and exhausting. Our artisan units will reduce the amount of time and effort you need to set up your exhibition. Let’s explore the ways in which our artisan units can make your life easier for all of your projects and events.

Free Up Your Valuable Time

We understand that a successful art fair or gallery showing requires a strict attention to detail. While rewarding, this process can be a long, tedious, and frustrating one. Abstracta can provide you with quality artisan units that will allow you to show up to your venue, plan your layout, and have your space organized and ready to go in far less time. Free up your valuable time for more important matters and call us to find out how our artisan units can make your life easier.

Use Space More Efficiently

The artisan units that Abstracta can provide offer increased versatility for your display options. No matter whether your showing is as small as 100 square feet or 1,000 square feet or larger, you will be able to adapt your personal display to any space specifications with out modular artisan units. Let us know how we can provide with the artisan units to meet your needs today!

Attract More Attention To Your Work

Featuring a minimalist design, our artisan units will not overshadow the work you are displaying. This means that visitors will be focused on the pieces you want them to see and will not be distracted by a cumbersome display set-up. Find out how you can display your work with our artisan units by contacting us today.

The experienced team of professionals at Abstracta are dedicated to helping artists and crafters with affordable, effective display options for showing off their work. Whether you are looking for artisan units to offer greater versatility or just want to free up more of your spare time, we have the right products to meet your needs and your budget. Visit our online store to see the types of options we have available and be sure to call us with any questions you may have.

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