If you like maximizing the use of your living space, then your home spaces can benefit from the specialized home furniture provided by Abstracta. With unique designs that allow you to take full control of your living spaces, Abstracta can provide your spaces with home furniture that is masterfully made and sure to help. The Mya® I-Series of tables from Abstracta can give homes the perfect space filler no matter their setup.

Heights to match your room

The I-Series of our Mya brand tables comes in different heights so that there are options for different homeowners with different needs. Each has the same base that is a 12” square, giving the table a sturdy base to stand on while providing a great piece of filler furniture that can hold your smaller objects. These tables are also available in Cobalt and Mint, contemporary colors to allow your Mya table to fit into any home space.

Home furniture filling made easy

When you need to fill home furniture spaces, Abstracta’s Mya I-Series of tables is not only a great way to fill out a space visually, but also is made easy for you as well. Shipping fully assembled with the ability to easily interchange tops whenever you need, Abstracta’s designs are made to be as simple as possible for homeowners to quickly get the most use out of them. We also offer different options of wood for the tabletop, so you can easily fit a room’s aesthetic how you need. Whatever small space you have next to seating, you can fill it effectively with the Mya I-Series at Abstracta.

A modular display system that provides some of the best home furniture fixtures available, Abstracta can assist you in filling out spaces today. An award winning brand, see what Abstracta can do for your home or office today!

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