Special events are a great way to promote your store, roll out new product lines and, in general, attract new customers to your establishment. But, all too often, the cost of those events can be discouraging. From marketing materials to purchasing additional retail fixtures, the financial hurdles can turn an exciting opportunity into a stressful burden. Thankfully, Abstracta’s modular display system can help! With the ability to adapt to your changing needs, an investment in our displays is an investment in your store’s future. And, we assure you: it’s a lasting, effective investment! In this post, we’re going to show you how the Abstracta system can save you money and allow you to be prepared – financially and otherwise – for all of your store’s special events.

Be versatile, be ready

Abstracta’s retail fixtures are designed to fit seamlessly into any interior design. Whether you’re introducing a new line of vintage clothing or you’re pushing the latest trends in art deco furniture, our displays are versatile enough to transition from one promotion to the next. As a result, you save money by not needing to constantly invest in new, event-appropriate fixtures.

Evolve your displays

Is your business growing? As you grow, naturally, your store’s special events will get bigger and require larger retail fixtures. With other displays, you may be forced to create a hodgepodge of small displays or, worse yet, replace them altogether. Using the Abstracta system, you can expand your current fixtures by adding additional tubes and connectors. Because of this, you can always utilize your current displays and, when the opportunity arises, they can grow alongside your business.

At Abstracta, we aim to provide our customers with versatile, cost-effective retail displays that remove their limits and save time and money. Our modular display system ensures that your business is ready for its current special event and, more importantly, any events that you plan to hold in the future. If you’ve been looking for a flexible, easy-to-use retail display system that will handle your current – and future – needs, be sure to visit our online shop and explore the possibilities of the Abstracta system!

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