Abstracta can provide you with all the parts and components you need to create the perfect custom display shelves for home, gallery, or retail settings. With our modular design, you have unbeatable flexibility, even when used in conjunction with our stock units, that is also a more economical choice than requesting a custom design. This means you will be able to build the exact display unit you need while keeping yourself under budget. Let’s explore some things to consider when designing your own shelving or display unit.

Do You Need Permanent Assembly?

For permanent applications, you should consider the original metal connectors, but if you are looking for a display unit that can be easily assembled and taken apart, then the Cubitz® Connectors offer more versatility for displays at trade shows or art fairs.

How Much Space Will You Need?

When it comes to the amount of space your display unit will require, the first consideration is the obvious one: width, depth, and height. You should have at least a ballpark figure for those three dimensional measurements. However, you should also consider if you will need to access the unit from more than one side, or if it will be situated against a wall or in a corner. This will have a significant bearing on which components you choose to use in your assembly. The height dimension is important in terms of where you want the sightlines for your display.

How Much Height is Needed Between Shelves?

Whether you are displaying merchandise, artwork, or knickknacks and mementos in your home, the height of the shelf will not only affect how visible your pieces are, but also how well they can be maneuvered in the display. This important when putting together your components to maximize the functionality of your display unit.

What Type of Material Do You Want for Your Display Units?

There are several things to consider when choose glass, acrylic, polycarbonate, or wood for your display. The main thing you want to consider is the amount of weight you need to support. Glass may not be the best option for heavier displays. You also have the aesthetic principle to consider. While wood may be a stronger option for your shelving, you may want to choose something more aesthetically pleasing, depending on what you are displaying on your shelves.

You should consider what you are displaying when choosing the display components you need to assemble your shelving. (Note: Cubitz® Connectors are only available in Matte Black, but they nicely complement all the colors we have available.)

Our experienced professionals are always ready and willing to assist you and answer any questions that you may have, so contact us with your custom display shelving project today!

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