Finding the perfect retail display system for your shop can be challenging. Will the displays you’re looking at fit into your space? Will their design complement your existing display fixtures? Are the retail fixtures you’re considering capable of growing with your store? When you ask these kinds of questions, you’re ensuring that your purchase is an investment, rather than a simple solution to a passing problem. Abstracta’s modular retail displays are designed to emphatically answer “yes” to all of the preceding questions. Able to be adapted to any space, work within any design scheme and grow alongside your business, our displays are unique within the industry for their versatility and, more than that, their ability to adapt.

Tubes and connectors

Since the Abstracta system is based on tubes and connectors, you can order components separately or select a stock unit that meets your needs. Doing so, you can shop with full confidence that your Abstracta parts can be repurposed, reused and integrated into all of your store’s future displays.

Flexible colors and finishes

With a range of stock colors available, such as matte black and gloss silver, Abstracta’s retail fixtures and displays can be seamlessly introduced into any showroom. If your sales floor utilizes a different color scheme, we even have custom colors available to ensure that the retail displays that you purchase are an absolute match.

At Abstracta, we aim to provide retailers with versatile, sophisticated and tasteful retail fixtures for their shops. We know that purchasing fixtures and displays is an investment, so to reduce long term costs, we ensure that all of our units are interchangeable and built to endure a lifetime of use. If you’ve been looking for the ideal display solution for your retail store, take a look at our online shop and start investing in your store’s future today!

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