Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, jeweler or potter, Abstracta’s artisan displays allow you to customize their appearance to complement your work. We know that being an artist is hard… you work too hard, you’re paid too little and you’re required to tirelessly self-promote your creations. In light of that, why should displaying your work be any more difficult than it needs to be? Why should you have to sacrifice time, quality or aesthetic appeal just to make life a little easier? Let’s look at how Abstracta artisan display units solve these – and other – problems.

Abstracta artisan units are simple

Built around a very simple assembly procedure, the Abstracta system is designed to be modular, lightweight and easily assembled. Why waste the first hour of a show setting up? With our artisan units, you can roll in, unpack and be ready to sell in a fraction of the time.

Your fixtures are like frames

When artists sell a valuable painting, they often recommend – or provide – a specific style of frame to ensure that the piece “shows” properly. Frames should complement a work of art in shape, design and color. Just like a traditional frame, your fixtures act as frames when displaying your work at trade shows and exhibitions. The Abstracta system lets you customize the appearance of your displays so that you properly complement – and showcase – your work.

How you display is as important as what you display

At Abstracta, we believe that how you display your wares is just as important as what wares you are displaying. Without a system that puts your work into context and complements its design, you’re at a severe disadvantage. Our artisan fixtures solve this problem by allowing you to customize your display units to match your work. If you’ve been looking for a simple way to display your artwork that is flexible, versatile and easy to assemble, breathe a sigh of relief and take a look at our artisan display units.

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