You make your own choices. You work hard during the day, but it’s a job you picked and take pride in. And come the evening, all you really want to do is relax in your favorite chair and light up your preferred make of cigar.

Enjoy your evening with a touch of elegance and convenience at your side offered by a cigar table from Abstracta.

The cigar table top of cherry wood fits all series of Abstracta’s Mya tables. The table top measures only 5.75’ square, with an insert metal ash bowl and four cigar holders carved into the wood. The natural wood finish includes UV inhibitors to fight fading and weathering.

Mya tables with interchangeable tops are of a modern yet timeless design that’s well suited for any décor. Comprised of a slim metal frame, these tables fit anywhere in your home, even in the odd, small spaces that crop up next to or between furniture pieces. One of these tables with the cigar table top would be right at home next to your favorite chair mentioned earlier.

The simple four-post metal frame comes with standard colors of matte black or gloss silver powder coats. The Mya I-Series is a straight, vertical design with a base of 7.5” square.The J-Series has a sleek, outward curve at the bottom to provide a 12” base, while the L-Series has, as the name implies, L-shaped footings that also extend to a 12” base. Each of the series are available in a variety of heights.

Simple, functional, timeless. These tables are the very definition of elegance, representing the simple pleasures you enjoy. And if you savor a nightcap with your cigar, maybe you want to get a second table with a flat matching wood top for the other side of your chair. It can hold your dram of 12-year-old Scotch between sips.

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