We love the imagination of our customers. We think it’s their imagination that draws them to Abstracta in the first place.

Abstracta itself was born from the imagination of Danish architect Poul Cadovious in the 1960s. He saw the elegance of an open, modular system that grows from a basic cubic design. While a cubic frame space formed by metal tubes is simple, the possibilities of how they can be put together is endless. He saw the possibilities of not merely selling his own designs, but inspiring people to create their own designs, to find different ways to put our stock units together to build something original and unique to the space it occupies.

And because of Abstracta’s minimalist approach, our system can define space without blocking light. It can boldly display products and art pieces while retaining its own subtlety. People use Abstracta units to hang banners and lights, to invite people into a store or create a cozy feel of a small corner in the middle of a large hall where no corner existed before.

The simplicity of Abstracta’s design allows it to grow into complex structural shapes that almost defy gravity.

What will you do with Abstracta? What designs are spinning in your head or roughly drawn on legal pads? Putting together a design with Abstracta stock units is like using building blocks when you were just a child, except that Abstract blocks nothing. It shows what you want it to show, what you want to display. It shows your creativity.

How do you start?

First, from our website, learn about the Abstracta system, the two diameter sizes for the tubes. The 13mm (1/2”) system is versatile, lightweight, and can easily be dismantled and rearranged to suit your ideas as they evolve. The 19mm (3/4”) system designed for permanent assembly holds substantial weights and is a great choice for larger-scale projects.

Learn about how to put our systems together. Learn about our standard colors and the availability of custom colors, and the curved tubing to create archways.

Then learn from the Do-It-Yourself page on how to create your own design from Abstracta’s stock units, what measurements you need, and what choices you have available. Then start creating an order list. You can start small, and add to it as you come up with new ideas or move into a new space. It’s all up to you.

It can be a challenge, but step by step, it is a creative challenge you can meet if you have a mind to. And when you’re done, or just done for now, send us pictures. We’d love to see what you’ve come up with.

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