Are you constantly rearranging your home furniture? Do you find yourself wishing that you’d purchased your existing furniture in different sizes or colors? If so, Abstracta’s modular furniture system may be just what you need. With a line of stock furniture options and customizable tabletops, our home furnishings can evolve with your style and, more importantly, they won’t break the bank in doing so. Modular and able to be repurposed as needed, they’re an ideal interior design solution. Today, we’re going to look at a few ways that the flexibility of the Abstracta system can help you find your inner interior designer.

Customizable designs

If your design preferences are constantly changing, the Abstracta system is made for you. Because of the modular design, the furniture can be customized to fit with any décor, from mid-century modern to industrial. For example, if you’ve recently ditched your old fabric couch in favor of a taller, leather model, you can easily adjust the height and appearance of your current Abstracta furniture to match.

Interchangeable tabletops

Abstracta’s modular tables are available in a number of heights and finishes. However, we understand that our customers want more options so that they can match their home’s tiling and countertops. Our Mya tabletops are available in a range of colors and materials, from terra cotta tile to dark cherry, you’re certain to find an option that fits your home’s style.

Outdoor finishes

Abstracta furniture isn’t just built for indoor use, they’re available with outdoor finishes as well. Due to this, you can seamlessly match your home’s interior and exterior decorating schemes. We even have specialty cigar tabletops available so that you can create an elegant outdoor lounge.

Abstracta is the world’s leading modular furniture system. With a range of designs limited only by your imagination, you can exercise your inner design sense and create stunning changes in your home. So, if you’ve been looking to try your hand at interior design, visit our online home furniture store and start designing your dream home today!

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