Summer fun under the July sun is here – finally – and everyone’s celebrating.

With bare toes buried in warm sand, with kids flying on bikes and boards down the roads of every cul de sac and with marshmallows roasting over flickering flames. Color splashes the gardens and crowds rush to the beaches.

Fireworks and fireflies decorate the nights. And let’s not forget about the works of art that lend loveliness to the days. Art fairs are one of the season’s best treats.

The painters and photographers and wood-carvers and jewelers and glassblowers exhibit their creations for all to see there, but did you ever wonder about the ways they display it? Most of us haven’t given it a thought, but the artists certainly have. And for nearly 20 years, Abstracta has been there to help them showcase their designs with simple and practical display systems.

When most people stroll from booth to booth sipping fresh lemonade from a street vendor, their eyes are drawn to the prizes – the thousands of exceptional treasures that they came to buy and to dream of buying. The artists arrive from all over the state and sometimes outside the state, so having displays that set up, tear down and transport easily is crucial.

That’s where Abstracta comes in, with Modular Display Systems that are as strong and adaptable as they are affordable and transportable. Artists use the units to build unique art fair exhibits in whatever space is available, and they often mix it up by matching stock pieces together to make the most of that area.

The artisan units that are among Abstracta’s many Danish-inspired designs simplify the process of the frequent warm weather routine of a traveling artist. Assembling and  displaying and breaking down to travel to the next fair and do it all again … that’s the day-to-day process.

Simplifying the is the goal and Abstracta is the answer.

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