Do you find yourself drawn to the clean lines and modern aesthetic of the MoMA Permanent Collection, we’re confident that you’ll fall in love with Abstracta’s modular furniture. Integrating seamlessly into nearly any environment, our furniture is simple, elegant and – most importantly – versatile. From interchangeable tabletops to nesting tables, our home furniture collection captures the simplicity and sophistication of MoMA’s Permanent Collection, all while remaining affordable and accessible. Below, in the spirit of fun, we’ve imagined a short scenario between a few of the illustrious artists in the MoMA collection.

Charles Eames, Bruno Mathsson, Jens Risom and Poul Cadovious meet together for an unusual, otherworldly meeting somewhere above us all:

“So, Charles, you really think people will spend six grand for that big cushy thing when they can get real body-shaped design and Scando simplicity for a mere nine hundred bucks?”

“Bruno,” Jens interrupts, “maybe we should change the subject. You certainly should know that my chairs are more practical than any of your fancy, wavy stuff.”

“Jens, Jens, Jens, please! How many cows did your little twins take just for people to sit on? Cute chairs, I gotta say, but at least Charles and I care about real relaxation! Yours, well, are folks gonna fall asleep on those things? I think not.”

“Thank you, Bruno, for that,” Charles approves. “I agree and I’m ready for a nap and, oh look! I can bring over my very own Eames Ottoman! Hmmm… seems pretty comfy to me.”

“Wait, just a minute you three!”

“Poul, what is it? I know your famous little Abstracta Cube Table is, in  your own words, brilliantly simple and forever classic, but we’re not using those right now.”

“Yes, Bruno, but you are putting your ethereal coffee cups on those little personal tables made out of Abstracta.”

“They’re so small I didn’t really notice, but OK, I like ‘em. When did you design those?”

“Those, my dear Swedish friend, are actually by an American designer!”

“Really?! Well that pleases me,” Charles piped in, somewhat more enthusiastically than usual, and studying the little tables.

“Yes, architect Roger Lepley. See, he’s down there”

“Hmmm… still alive, I see,” added Jens. “Well, good for him. I must admit they go well with our masterpieces.”

“Yes,” agrees Poul, “but without me he’d be nothing!”

“Of course, Poul. Ego, please… ego.”

“OK, OK, Charles, you are eternally telling me that.”

“For good reason, I might add. But, sitting around all this brilliance makes me tired. Good night, all”

“Good night Charles.”

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