So, what are people saying about Abstracta? We are glad you asked!

The feedback from long time Abstracta customers has been incredible. We have received so many reviews from happy customers, some of which you will see throughout the Abstracta website. There have been a couple recently, however, that have truly stood out. These reviews remind us why we do what we do, and truly fuel the fire within us, to continue to improve and develop Abstracta display systems.

One particular customer, who uses Abstracta at art and craft shows, was kind enough to send us this feedback via email.

“After trying for years to cobble together a decent looking booth, I bought a chrome Abstracta MOD3 display system.

Wow, all of a sudden, I was playing in the big league! My display looked polished and professional before the customer ever hit the booth space.  I started getting into better art shows and I am guessing it’s because my booth shot improved 100%. No longer was I that artist with a ‘lovingly homemade by my dearest husband’ display. I was bonified! 

The display has been in use for at least 8 years and up to 40 shows annually. It has been traipsed across the country in a Sprinter van in one piece. Now we tear it down partially by removing the long upright tubes and easily pull with a small SUV. If it was torn down completely, the Abstracta could fit on the floor of any car’s backseat!

It looks almost as good as it did the day that we bought it. Other artist’s suggested that we purchase the chrome unit as it wears very well and it really has!

The system that we have is quite versatile and can be arranged as we wish, depending on the kind of space that we have. My favorite layout for a 10 x 10 booth without a corner is to put the two longer units in an L shape across the front and the corner unit straight back and put something fantastic on it that begs the customer to walk into the booth. Since I have been doing this, I save corner booth fees and my sales have not suffered.

I cannot begin to tell how much I love my display! It gives me a professional finished look, it is lightweight yet sturdy and it paid for itself in no time!”

-Kimberly Arden

Thanks for the support, Kimberly! We are so glad that Abstracta has been a part of your journey these past 8 years!



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