If you are scheduled to display your work at an art show, you need stable, effective shelving units to properly display that work so the numerous visitors can see it clearly. To do this, you need to think about your use of space along with color, lighting, and other considerations. Just like setting up a retail space, you have a limited amount of space when setting up your booth at an art show. This would be easy if every art show booth was set up with the same specifications, but that certainly is not the case. You need the flexibility to adjust your shelving fixtures to accommodate the space you are given. With many shelving units having a static design that cannot be rearranged, your options are limited, but with modular shelving united from Abstracta, you get the versatility that allows you to maximize the space you have for your art show display. In today’s post, we will discuss the ways in which you can customize your layouts to create an art show display that will attract more visitors and keep your work in the spotlight.

Get a Focused, Aesthetic for Your Display

Having several different types of display fixtures for your art show display may work from a logistical standpoint, but it doesn’t always work, aesthetically. Depending on the types of fixtures you have, the overall look can be sloppy and disorganized, which doesn’t convey the level of professionalism you want the customers to see. Abstracta products give you a clean, uniform look, no matter how you arrange the component vertically or horizontally. This means that no matter what shape or size of the space you’ve been given for the art show, you will be able to create a stunning display that properly showcases your work.

Efficient, Maximized Use of Space

The amount of space at art shows is limited, and the more artists involved, the smaller your area for displaying your work will be. This is why the modular shelving from Abstracta is the perfect solution for any art show in which you plan to participate. Our components can be rearranged in numerous ways, allowing you to maximize the horizontal and vertical space available in your display booth. You can also order additional components, tubes, and connectors, giving you even greater versatility without having to purchase and entirely new display unit.

Save Time with Easy Assembly and Take Down

Not only do you need to maximize your space for an art show, but you also need to maximize your time. You don’t want to still be setting up fixtures and staging your work when visitors begin browsing the different booths. Abstracta modular shelving is a breeze to set up, meaning that you will have everything assembled and set up in plenty of time to be ready for any visitors to your booth.

Make your next art show display a complete success by using modular shelving units from Abstracta. These products look great and will give you nearly unlimited versatility for your art show display need. Contact us and let us know how we can assist you today.

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