If you have experience setting up and organizing retail displays, then you probably have the ability and knowhow to create a great looking and effective art show display, as doing both require using the same principles. This means you have to consider color, lighting, and use of space. Unfortunately, if you are setting up for an art show, the amount of space you have at your disposal can be problematic, so you need to maximize the space you are allotted. You need to build an art show display with customizable components that can be configured to fit any space. With the wide selection of fixtures and accessories Abstracta has available, you can find exactly what you need to create the perfect art show display that fits your space and your budget. You will also have all of the display space you need to showcase your wares without having a cluttered space that is difficult for visitors to look through.


When you are setting up a display for an art show, you don’t want to have a bunch of unmatched display fixtures. It looks sloppy and doesn’t convey the professional image you want. When you use Abstracta products for your art show display, you get a uniform aesthetic for your shelving with the versatility of being able to reconfigure everything to fit within different sized spaces. This allows you set up a great looking display nearly anywhere.

Space Efficiency

Not only is the use of space important to ensure your get your display properly organized, but it also ensures that your display is not overly cluttered. With a minimalist design, the Abstracta art show display components give you the flexibility to alter your displays horizontally or vertically depending on the display space you are given for the event. This also makes the components easy to use over and over again in different ways, rather than having to continuously upgrade or add new components when you need to set up in a different sized space.

Easy to Set Up and Take Down

If efficiency of space is important, efficiency of time is equally important. You don’t want to struggle lugging around awkward pieces or displays that require a lot of work to setup. When you use the products from Abstracta, you get fixtures and components that can be easily assembled and taken apart with a simple tube and connector system, and with the parts being interchangeable, you can set them up in any number of ways depending on the event you are attending.

Abstracta has the best, most effective products you need for a successful, easy-to-use art show display. Be sure to check our website to see the number of great products we have to offer. Please give a call and let us know if you have any questions about what you need.

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