The Abstracta system is built upon a modular foundation of tubes and connectors. It seems like everything is moving to a modular design these days… toys, computers, cell phones and, of course, furniture! We’re obsessed with the customizability and inherent future-proofing that modular designs provide. Looking to add storage space to your computer? Plug in a 1TB SSD drive! Need a few extra inches added to your lamp table? Switch out those 18-inch legs for 22 inchers!

Abstracta’s modularity creates options

There’s a big difference between providing options and creating options. When you provide options, you simply offer a limited assortment of configurations. When you create options, you’re giving users the ability to deploy an endless number of configurations. The only limitation with a product that creates options is the user’s imagination.

At Abstracta, we’ve created a furniture system that lets our customers run wild with their imaginations. Whether it’s a retail display, a home furnishing or storage shelving, there are countless ways to configure the Abstracta system. In fact, there’s no reason that today’s retail clothing display can’t be tomorrow’s coffee table!

The Abstracta system is adaptable

This brings us to our next point… the adaptability of our system. The Abstracta system is designed to allow for swift, effortless transitions. This doesn’t just mean that an 18 inch table can become a 22 inch table, it means that that table can be transformed into a tiered shelving unit, a nesting table and more. With our unique system of cross-compatible interlocking tubes and connectors, your furniture can be repurposed and reassembled in ways that address your needs now and in the future.

At Abstracta, we aim to create furnishing options that transcend the limits of style and time. Our classic, elegantly designed system allows you to create furniture that lends itself to an unlimited number of applications and environments. If you’re looking to add a little flair to your retail space or you want to give your home a timeless appeal with adaptable furnishings, contact us today to discuss the countless options that our system makes available.

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