If you’ve been searching high and low for top quality trade show displays, look no further! The modular displays available from Abstracta are guaranteed to serve the purpose. Better yet, their sophisticated styling won’t distract from what’s important: your products! We understand that part of the challenge of finding good displays for trade shows is that they have to be subtle, easy to transport, and a breeze to assemble. Well, we’re proud to say that we’ve checked all of those boxes! In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at how Abstracta’s modular displays can help you streamline every aspect of your next trade show.


One of the most beneficial aspects of our trade show displays is their versatility. With the ability to disassemble and reassemble them in multiple configurations, you can be confident that they’ll be an ideal solution to this trade show, and the next, and the one after that!

Easy assembly

Trade shows are a time crunch. You’ve got to get there when the doors open, unpack your goods, and get everything assembled before the inevitable flood of guests. Abstracta’s displays are built around a simple tube and connector system, making assembly extremely easy and, even better, extremely fast!


You don’t want displays that draw attention away from your products, you want displays that highlight their strengths. Our trade show displays are designed with a minimal look, a sophisticated, elegant aesthetic that lends itself to a wide variety of products.

At Abstracta, our goal when designing our displays was to create a solution that was able to rise to any challenge. Whether that challenge is setup time, complex assembly, or a distracting appearance, we’re happy to say that we’ve overcome all of them. If you’ve been searching for a display that will work at your next trade show, one that is easy and quick to assemble with a minimalist aesthetic, be sure to visit our online shop today!

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