Museums across the country rely on modular furniture from Abstracta to organize, augment, and complement their display spaces. Whether they’re looking to display ornate sculptures, pottery, or manuscripts, they know that our furniture is designed to interfere minimally with the aesthetic of their pieces. Because of this, pieces can retain their purity by not having to compete with overly-designed display shelves, tables, or stands. Yet, Abstracta’s furniture – while minimal – also possesses a subtle sophistication that can work within – and add too – the ambiance of any given space. In today’s post, we’re going to discuss how our modular furniture can help you organize and arrange your modern art exhibit.

Minimal interference

Because our furniture is minimal – in both size and design – it won’t compete with the pieces included in your exhibit. For works that are already designed around minimalism – as much modern art is – this can be a great boon, as your displays won’t interfere with your visitors’ interpretations of the pieces.

Sophisticated, yet subtle

Yet, despite being so useful, our modular displays are incredibly sophisticated. Their elegance comes from their stark, stainless steel construction and simple, clean lines. As a result, they do their job incredibly well: they act as an aesthetically pleasing – but not distracting – platform for your museum’s exhibits.

Easily arranged

Museums are often in a constant state of rearrangement. As new pieces arrive, old pieces must be shifted and relocated. Abstracta’s modular design – based on tubes and connectors – allows you to quickly move and repurpose old displays in new, exciting, and visually-appealing ways.

At Abstracta, we take great pride in the flexibility of our furniture. Allowing retailers, home owners, and – of course – museums to quickly adapt to their changing needs, our furniture is an amazingly cost-effective and sophisticated way to add a touch of elegance to any space.

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