When architects and interior designers are looking to add a bit of sophistication to their spaces, they often turn to Abstracta. Designed by Poul Cadovius, a prodigious Danish architect, the modular furniture available from Abstracta is timeless, elegant and easy to adapt to any space. Whether you’re looking to highlight the clean lines of a midcentury modern home, the breezy feel of a coastal palette, the sleek cleanliness of a contemporary apartment or the airiness of a shabby chic cottage, Abstracta’s home furniture is an ideal, simple solution. In this post, we’re going to look at a few of the reasons that architects and interior designers love our modular home furniture.

  1. Designed with architects in mind

Seeking to design a furniture system that allowed for complex shapes and configurations, Poul Cadovius wanted to provide designers with an unparalleled number of furniture options in a compact, modular package. The result, Abstracta home furniture, works using a system of tubes and connectors that, when combined, allow for a nearly unlimited number of assembly options.

  1. Neutral and elegant

Understanding that spaces need to speak for themselves, Cadovius aimed to create a system that was neutral but, at the same time, elegant. With its chrome tubing – customizable in several colors and finishes – he allowed designers the agency that they needed to accentuate their spaces without overpowering them.

  1. Able to grow with your space

Finally, Cadovius wanted to create a truly modular furniture system. Such a system, he believed, would be able to grow, adapt and evolve as the space around it did the same. As the system’s success showed, he was successful in this endeavor and, in the years that followed, Abstracta has provided countless designers with versatile, adaptable home furniture.

At Abstracta, our goal is to offer the world’s most versatile home furniture. Our modular system, invented by a true visionary, ensures that every space is functional while also allowing spaces to speak for themselves. If you’ve been looking for a sophisticated, brilliantly engineered way to fill your home’s interior, be sure to check out our online shop!

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